MIA has a dynamic research team comprising of quantitative, qualitative and spatial researchers. Our unique action-research approach allows us to generate findings from our implementation projects and field experience. Our research enables us to understand the challenges faced by vulnerable communities and the factors affecting the uptake of and demand for microinsurance. MIA circulates our research results in peer-reviewed papers and leverages our findings to encourage policy makers and practitioners to push forward theĀ development of the sector. To browse our publications, please click here.

Learn More About Our Current Research Projects:

Project TitleLocationArea of Work
Developing Efficient and Responsive Community-Based Health Insurance in IndiaUttar Pradesh and Bihar, IndiaResearch and Implementation
A Systematic Review of the Determinants of Enrolment in Community-Based Health InsuranceLow and Middle Income CountriesResearch
Niramaya - 'The Community Pharmacy Approach', for Building Local a Health EcosystemOdisha, IndiaResearch