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MIA brings insurance solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations. Whether supporting the implementation of health insurance in rural India or developing a microinsurance resource centre in Cambodia, MIA promotes community engagement, capacity building and empowerment. Click on the map icons below to learn more about our innovative microinsurance projects around the globe.


Strengthening Health Systems in Rural India

  • Location: Kalahandi district, Odisha
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 6,286
  • Premium: €1.80 - 2.90
  • Launch: January 2013

MIA and its partners aim to reach 178 villages with health insurance schemes. Three health clinics will be built and 75 village health champions will be trained as local healthcare advocates.


Facilitating Self-Reliant Community-Based Health Insurance Schemes for Low-Income Communities in Remote Regions of India

  • Location: Rajnandgaon district, Chhattisgarh
  • Class of Risk: Health

MIA’s business model provides an innovative solution for increasing access to healthcare and breaking the cycle of poverty and vulnerability.


Setting up a Holistic Tibetan Medicare System for the Tibetan Population in India

  • Location: 32 Tibetan settlements throughout India
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 10,190
  • Premium: € 11.30
  • Launch: April 2012

Using MIA's community-based approach, Tibetans living in exile in India are covered by micro health insurance schemes.


Developing Efficient and Responsive Community-Based Health Insurance in India

  • Location: Kanpur Dehat and Pratapgarh districts, Uttar Pradesh; Vaishali district, Bihar
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 3,940
  • Premium: € 2.30 - 3.00
  • Launch: 2009

MIA examines the impact and effectiveness of Community-Based Health Insurance through Randomized Control Trials.


Climate Resilience through Risk Transfer

  • Location: Vaishali district, Bihar; Beed district, Maharashtra
  • Class of Risk: Health, Crop and Livestock
  • Launch: Project Started in 2012; Launch in Vaishali in 2014

Developing a composite microinsurance scheme to mitigate the impact of climate change on the health, livelihood and well-being of rural communities.


Piloting Community-Based Life and Health Insurance in India

  • Location: Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh
  • Class of Risk: Life and Health
  • Beneficiaries: 863; enrollment is ongoing
  • Premium: € 1.60 (Life), € 2.70 (Health)
  • Launch: October 2013

Piloting community-based health and life Insurance in India with a commercial insurer.


Community-Based Micro Health Insurance in Nepal

  • Location: Dhading and Banke districts, Nepal
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 15,870
  • Premium: € 2.80 - 3.10
  • Launch: January 2011

Since 2009, MIA and its partners have worked with local women's groups to establish health insurance schemes covering over 11,000 people in the Banke and Dhading districts.c


Baseline Study to Estimate Demand for Micro Health Insurance Amongst Vulnerable Groups in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  • Location: Rajshahi district, Bangladesh
  • Class of Risk: Health

Baseline study to estimate demand for micro health insurance amongst vulnerable groups in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh.


Capacity Development for the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme

  • Location: Nigeria
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: Nigeria's informal sector

Comprehensive training program on community-based health insurance for the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme.


Reforming the Community Health Funds of Dodoma Region under the Health Promotion and System Strengthening Project

  • Location: Dodoma region, Tanzania
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 230,000
  • Premium: € 5 - 6.50
  • Launch: July 2012

Redesigning the government’s health insurance for the informal sector


Providing Technical Assistance for Strenghtening Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance (BEPHA)

  • Location: Northwest and Southwest provinces, Cameroon
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 20,000
  • Premium: € 5 - 12.30
  • Launch: June 2013

Providing technical support and advisory services for strengthening BEPHA – Cameroon.


Piloting Community-Based Agriculture Insurance in Vietnam

  • Location: Nghe An province, Vietnam
  • Class of Risk: Agriculture
  • Launch: September 2012

MIA applied its community-based approach to insurance, and piloted a rice insurance project in rural Vietnam to protect farmers from climate-related risks.


Establishment of a Social Health Protection Association

  • Location: Cambodia
  • Class of Risk: Health
  • Beneficiaries: 180,000
  • Premium: Varies across each scheme
  • Launch: May 2012

MIA provides techincal assistance to SHPA, an umbrella organisation of micro health insurance providers in Cambodia


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