Empower Rural and Indigenous Communities


Indigenous communities across the globe are rich in diversity and tradition, however health and social indicators in these communities often fall far below those of the general population. Located in remote areas, these communities are challenged by limited access to basic services.

MIA partners with grassroots groups to implement microinsurance programs in tribal regions of India, Nepal and other countries. The health insurance scheme that MIA supports in the Indian state of Odisha is locally managed by members of the Adivasi tribe. Insured members within this community are no longer reluctant to seek healthcare because they are confident they will be reimbursed through the insurance scheme. The scheme has empowered households to take an active role in managing their health expenses and planning for the future.

Your support will enable us to develop and expand insurance schemes for rural and indigenous communities in India and around the world, empowering groups to lead their own microinsurance solutions for effective risk management.

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