About MIA


MIA is dedicated to catalyzing demand for insurance that responds to prioritized needs of people in the rural and informal sector, through implementation based on novel solutions for social protection and financial literacy. MIA has a strong presence in India. MIA benefits from knowledge owned by Social Re Consultancy (pvt) Ltd. under a service agreement between SUB and SRC. MIA is the only organization in the micro insurance space certified as fully compliant with the highest international standards for quality management (ISO 9001:2008) in “Training and Implementation, including Design, of Demand-Driven, Contextualized, Pro-Poor Microinsurance”. Our micro insurance schemes cover families against health, life, crop, and livestock risks.

Our History

Sarvajan Unnati Bodhini was established as a Charitable Trust in New Delhi, India in 2007 to advance the development of microinsurance. In effort to achieve this, Sarvajan Unnati Bodhini created MIA as its implementing body.

Mission: “Catalyze voluntary demand”: 

The mission of the Micro Insurance Academy (MIA) is to empower and enable poor communities in the informal and rural sectors of low income settings to express needs as solvent demand for contextualized, innovative voluntary and contributory microinsurance solutions which reduce their risk-exposure.

Vision: “Microinsurance enhances welfare”:

Every community can enhance the welfare of its members by adopting microinsurance solutions that reflect the priorities of the group

India: Registered, under Indian Trust Act 1882, at New Delhi, vide Registration bearing number 1886 in Book 4 Vol. No 3008, Dated 4 May 2007.

Income Tax Exemption (12A): No. DIT(E) 2007/2008/S-5045/1234 dated 30 November 2007, valid with effect from 4 May 2007.

Tax exemption on donations made to SUB (80G) details: No. DIT(E) 2007/2008/s-5045/3621 dated 19 February 2008, valid from 4 May 2007 to 31 March 2009. No. DIT(E) 2009/2010/S-5045/1230 dated 5 August 2009, valid from 1 April 2009 onwards indefinitely.

Registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010 details: No. II/21022/83(0185)/2010-FCRA-II, bearing Registration Number 231661252. The renewed certificate is valid for a period of five years with effect from 11 January 2016.